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    Pb to RoHS conversion
E-Certa provides the only known Patented conversion processes, with A2LA laboratory accreditation (from 10/2006 - 03/2012) and ISO17025 certification, meeting all regulatory 3rd party due diligence recommendations. Our conversion processes have been tested and used by such industry leaders as: Sanmina SCI, Boeing, Flextronics and Celestica. The documented results, provided in the Sanmina SCI report titled, "Evaluation of Stripped and Replated Component Termination Finishes" confirms their findings.

E-Certa's process converts leaded semiconductors to RoHS compliant. We provide fully documented test results of the conversion process obtained from XRF test results affirming full RoHS compliancy. We provide material content declaration and detailed, confidential reports describing the test analysis results.
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Pb Free to Lead conversion
E-Certa's process can also be used to convert Pb free product to Pb for High Reliability, Military, Aerospace and other RoHS exempt applications.
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Tin Whisker Mitigation
Standard lead tin whisker mitigation
We use techniques as recommended by iNEMI for the reduction of tin-whiskering, including heat annealing and robotic hot solder dipping.
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Counterfeit Detection
Delid / DPA

E-Certa offers Delid/DPA with a visual inspection procedure that uses a metallurgical microscope to capture images for documentation to identify authenticity of the semiconductors die. We also identify RoHS compliant claims by applying our accredited and certified lab methods ISO3497 & ASTM B568 (measurement and testing of coating thickness & lead content) for validation and material declaration. This creates a solid foundation for 3rd party due diligence recommendations.
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XRF Analysis
E-Certa uses a state of the art XAN Xray flourescense spectrometer and offers screening sevices for components, boards, cables, screws, housings and electronic assemblies to help validate compliance for the RoHS directive.
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    RoHS compliant lead conversion XRF test Video
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    Learn about component conversion - a physical process to convert Pb status of components.

    RoHS compliant lead conversion XRF test Video
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    duediligence - roHS compliance, XRF testing

    Due Diligence

    Regulatory compliancy or litigation - the choice is yours.

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    RoHS Compliancy
    XRF Test Services

    The first step on your pathway to meeting your "due diligent" requirements or RoHS compliancy.

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