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    Some service providers claim that parts plated with tin can simply be dipped in a higher lead concentration E-Certa refers to this as "overcoating". Overcoating is a technique that is currently being used as a method to mitigate tin whiskering. Parts that are plated with tinned solder types are dipped in a higher Pb concentration solder to create a pressure stress barrier hindering the growth propensity of tin whiskering. However, according to the iNEMI Tin Whisker User Group's report titled Recommendations on Lead-free Finishes for Components Used in High-Reliability Products. There is evidence that this technique may not be effective when performed on the new 99 percent tin RoHS compliant product entering the supply chain today. Based on the iNEMI report and on the NASA Office of Logic Design paper titled Tin Whiskers-A New Problem.

It is E-Certa's opinion that a valid conversion technique should include a qualified stripping process to the original substrate, which creates inter metallic bonding with copper instead of the original tin finish. This practice along with proper annealing and robotic hot solder dipping techniques should be used to form an effective conversion and tin whisker mitigation approach. This gives a more accurate original level of lead, making E-Certa's lead conversion the closest thing to the original manufactured tin lead specification.

E-Certa is licensed by New Way Technologies for it's Patented conversion process and techniques.

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Learn about component conversion - a physical process to convert Pb status of components.

RoHS compliant lead conversion XRF test Video
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