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    E-Certa uses a state of the art XAN Xray flourescense spectrometer and offers screening sevices for components, boards, cables, screws, housings and electronic assemblies to help validate compliance for the RoHS directive.

RoHS restricted substances can sometimes be found deep within the sample to be tested, which is why a variety of analytical methods are employed. It also relies on knowing what materials are permitted in given applications and what is not permitted. No single analytical method exists that can analyse all these materials in a nondestructive manner.

The capabilities of the laboratories allow E-Certa to investigate every sample in different ways; so if one technique is not feasible alternatives can be found.

The final part of the jigsaw puzzle is now in place allowing us to offer a full range of testing from quick and simple surface investigations to part per million (ppm) analysis. You cannot simply crush your product and analyse the resulting powder. As an independent and professional laboratory we can assist the industry through our deep understanding of the EU directive and the implications that it has on business. We believe we offer a unique service that will provide considerable benefit to the electronics industry.

The new XRF instrument can also be used for studies on the thickness of surface coatings and detection of impurities in solder bath samples, which enhances the failure analysis role of the laboratories. When using our conversion process, a complimentary report using XRF technology is provided at no charge.

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RoHS compliant lead conversion XRF test Video
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Learn about component conversion - a physical process to convert Pb status of components.

RoHS compliant lead conversion XRF test Video
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duediligence - roHS compliance, XRF testing

Due Diligence

Regulatory compliancy or litigation - the choice is yours.

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RoHS Compliancy
XRF Test Services

The first step on your pathway to meeting your "due diligent" requirements or RoHS compliancy.

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