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    Counterfeit components throughout the supply chain are causing a myriad of problems for the industry.

If you have a component that you are procuring from a source that is not on your approved and qualified list of vendors then it is practicable to have it examined & tested. Companies considering the task of investigating suspect parts should examine the advantage of using an accredited independent 3rd party laboratory to help identify potentially suspect parts. An outside lab gives the OEM an unbiased result and is a better means of meeting due diligent obligations. It is not a good or preferential practice to use self proclamation as an ethical means to material declaration and RoHS compliance documentation, due to conflicting interest.

For parts acquired from anything less than 100% trusted channels, simply examinging for die authenticity is no longer the sole concern.

Material content is of equal importance. RoHS penalties vary from country to country and many include prison time. Your RoHS compliance program should include counterfeit protection and prevention.

A little extra expense up front to detect counterfeits can be invaluable for your protection and to insure the success of devices in the world market place.

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    RoHS compliant lead conversion XRF test Video
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    Learn about component conversion - a physical process to convert Pb status of components.

    RoHS compliant lead conversion XRF test Video
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    Due Diligence

    Regulatory compliancy or litigation - the choice is yours.

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    RoHS Compliancy
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    The first step on your pathway to meeting your "due diligent" requirements or RoHS compliancy.

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